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We’ve expanded, and American Heroes Sleep Project is part of our new organization,

The Healing Sleep Foundation.

We now have the ability to help other communities who experience PTSD and insomnia. While American Heroes Sleep Project is, and always will be our flagship program, we are delighted to introduce our new foundation and excited to be able to serve a larger audience.

About Dream Pillows

Dreams pillows are a centuries-old craft, dating back to 16th century Europe where people used fragrant herbs to stop nightmares, ease restlessness or help evoke pleasant dreams. Dream pillows are based on how the mind responds to fragrance. If familiar smells, like the fragrance of bread baking or roses, remind you of a pleasant memory, then Dream Pillows will probably work for you.

Dream Pillows are very different from potpourri. You won’t detect a strong fragrance through the package; the subtle aroma of herbs is released as your head moves around on the pillow as you sleep.
These Dream Pillows are formulated for specific kinds of dreams. Sweet Dreams is recommended for insomnia, Relaxation is recommended for PTSD.

Our Dream Pillows contain only natural, dried herbs, and plants, no oils or other fragrance.

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