Who We Are

American Heroes Sleep Project came about after many years of sending out dream pillows to Veterans and hearing their positive feedback. Insomnia was being eliminated and PTSD was being relieved. When it became too big for one person to handle, American Heroes Sleep Project was created. Our goal is to provide herbal dream pillows at no cost to those who experience these issues and are seeking a natural way to find relief.


What We Do

PTSD and insomnia are a common thread among active military, Veterans, police officers and firefighters. Medications are prescribed, but most people affected say the side effects of the medications are worse than what they are being used to treat. And the prescriptions are cost prohibitive for many people. Herbal dream pillows are all natural and have none of the side effects of prescription medications. Those who use them report waking rested and refreshed, without feeling drugged, like a Zombie or in a fog like state. The brave men and women who protect our country, both on foreign soil and here at home, cannot safely perform their duties when they are sleep-deprived, yet many of them have to do this on a daily basis.

Our mission is to provide a safe, natural way to help our American Heroes deal with these issues through the use of herbal dream pillows. Dream pillows are inexpensive, natural and effective. Used properly, herbal dream pillows can last for years and provide much needed relief with out the use of heavy prescriptions.