“The dream pillow has allowed me to get a better nights rest. I have fewer nightmares, sleep through the entire night and wake up in the morning feeling rested and positive. The dream pillow is also all natural so there are zero side effects unlike to conventional sleeping medication. I would recommend the dream pillow to anyone who has trouble sleeping.”       Charlie E. – Colorado

“I love these so much! Dream Pillows have helped me get a restful sleep. I suffer from trauma-related issues, hence rest and relaxation doesn’t come easily, but Dream Pillows -I love the Relaxation Pillow-have been so helpful since I started using them a week ago. Plus, I don’t have fuzzy headedness the next morning which occurs when using OTC medications. These are easy to use, side-effect free, quick to take effect, and immensely helpful!”       Nancie M. – Texas

“My husband, a Vietnam veteran was diagnosed with PTSD. In addition to the normal stressers of life and a 9 year wait for approval of VA benefits, PTSD kept him awake at night. When he slept he had terrifying dreams of being again “in Country”. He took medication to help him sleep and to ease the dreams, as at times MY safety was at risk. However, over the years, the effectiveness of the medication seemed to diminish, the dreaming increase, and the anxiety levels again rose. In conversation with Elizabeth, I mentioned this to her and she promptly suggested that he try her dream pillow. Ever the skeptic, he nevertheless gave it a try…one night. He pronounced that it didn’t work. I moved it to “my side of the bed”, but close enough to him that it would work and gradually his dreams decreased in intensity, becoming manageable. He now remembers his dreams as pleasant and not a cause for terror and angst. He rests more comfortably and easily. Again, his medication has been reduced. I look forward to a time when he is medicine-free! Shakespeare said, “Sleep that knits up the raveled sleave of care…” He knew what he was talking about!       Sandy Y. – Texas

“Herbal Dream Pillows are fabulous! No more need for drugs to get to sleep and no more tossing & turning. The subtle, but delicious scents allow me to get to a calm state and bring about wonderful, restful sleep.”       Tricia E. – California

“I really like the Sweet Dreams pillow…I love having good dreams instead of nightmares.”       Steven J. – California